Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Rescuing Markas by Megan Slayer

Title: Rescuing Markas
Series: Sanctuary, 1
Author: Megan Slayer
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre and Pairing: MM, Contemporary, Paranormal
Pages: 88
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
The love of his life will bring out his roar.

John Dallas has lots of money, but no real direction in his life. He cares for lions at a local petting zoo where people can pay to pet the cubs. He’s heard stories and read about shifters—creatures who can shift from an animal form into a human form. Seeing the lions makes him wonder if those lions can shift. When he witnesses an act of cruelty to the lions, he finds his purpose in life—to save the lions.

Markas knows he can shift, but hasn’t yet. He’s fascinated by John and wants to shift in order to get to know the human better. But lions don’t last at the petting zoo past their third birthday. Once he’s at the age of being moved, he’ll lose his chance with John. Will John accept him his his human form? He’s determined to shift and snag the man of his dreams.

What will happen when the shifter and the human are thrown together by fate? White hot sparks.

Rescuing Markas by Megan Slayer starts off the Sanctuary series. John cares for the lions at the Zoo. He has money and does not really need this job, but he loves his job. He has read stories of shifters but never really believed they were out there. His life mission is to save abused lions.
John is a good person with a big heart. He has compassion his fellow workers do not. Risking his life and job he will rescue the lions. I loved his bravery.
Markas he has not shifted yet. He wants to shift. He wants to get to know John better, but as a human not a lion. He is an alpha. He wants John to accept both of his duel personalities.
Markas is strong, but vulnerable at the same time. I liked that very much because in alpha male stories that is really not played up much. He is an alpha male but he has weaknesses and I loved him more for having seen them.
Over all this is a great start to this series. I hope there are many more books in the future. I would love to see where this pride goes and who falls in love next. 

                   Five shooting Stars

Friday, August 26, 2016

Home to Cedarwood by Megan Slayer

Title: Home to Cedarwood
Series: Single Father Society, 1
Author: Megan Slayer
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre and Pairing: MM, Contemporary
Pages: 85
Reviewer Name: Redz
Publisher Buy Link http://www.loose-id.com/home-to-cedarwood.html

Publisher Blurb
Colin Baker owns a book store and he’s back in Cedarwood with his son. He’s looking for a new start after a bad breakup, but he never expected that start to include his old crush, Officer Jordan Hargrove. Jordan hasn’t come out, but if he can score with Colin, then he’s all in. He’s dreamed of hot nights with the quiet man.

After a speeding ticket and some hurt feelings, sparks fly between the bookstore owner and the police officer, but Cedarwood is a small town with small town values, and a gay couple isn’t what the town expects. Colin’s created a support group for single gay fathers and he feels he’s making some difference in Cedarwood. Some folks in Cedarwood are fine with these two men reconnecting, but some aren’t.

Will the naysayers be enough to drive Colin and Jordan apart, or will they make their way together in this small town.

Home to Cedarwood starts off the Single Father Society by author Megan Slayer. Here we have the story of Colin and Jordan.
Colin, he owns a books, comics and memorabilia store. ( so my dream job right there!) He is the founder of the Single Father Society support group. Terminally shy, prefers to be a wall flower. Shares a duplex with his brother. Has a seven year old son. His son is getting bullied because Colin is gay.
Jordan, police officer. Colin had a crush on him in highschool. He has come home to take care of his late mom's farm. He is really lonely. Turns out he was always gay, but his parents were anti gay and out of fear he never came out. He also had a bad case of ADHD. He is now in a position to be a policeman in Cedarwood. The town is still very anti gay. But he wants a relationship with Colin. Can he come clean and not lose everything in the process.
I liked how things were dealt with in this book. Nothing seems forced. I also like that Colin and Jordan have a natural attraction. I really was cheering for them in this book. I cannot wait to read more about Cedarwood and those that live in the small town. 

                        five shooting stars

Ripples in Cedarwood by Megan Slayer

Title: Ripples in Cedarwood
Series: Single Father Society, 2
Author: Megan Slayer
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre and Pairing: MM, Contemporary
Pages: 98
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
Steve Moore wasn’t planning on being a dad. He envisioned a life of teaching and professional swimming. Fast forward a year and he’s the guardian of his ten-year-old sister. He wants love and passion, but who wants to date a guy with a family?

Farin Baker believed love wasn’t in his cards--until he takes his nephew to swimming lessons. One glance at the water-slicked hunk teaching the class has him thinking about jumping into the dating pool again. He’s ready for a fresh start with a hot guy for his bed.

Will they find heat between the sheets or will the guardianship situations cool their ardor?

Ripples in Cedarwood is the second book in the Single Father Society series by author Megan Slayer. I am a huge fan of Ms. Slayer's works. Great characters that always pull at my heart strings. This book is emotionally charged and pure romance.
Steve Moore, he is a single father. He is part of the Cedarwood Single fathers support group. He unexpectedly became the father of his sister when his parents were killed. He is a sub at the local middle school. He is also a swim instructor. He doesn't have a whole lot of experience with men, but he really wants to find a guy of his own. He is a sweet character with a big heart. He tries very hard to be everything to everyone.
Farin we met him in the last book in this series. He is Colin's brother. The sassy protective brother who never knows when to quit. He is a big hearted man and owns half of a book store. While taking his nephew to swim practice he meets Steve. While he never thought love was in the cards for him Steve makes him want to try.
Over all this is a fun fast paced read. I loved Farin. I had been dying for his story since we met him in the last book. I love characters with attitude. Farin is a good foil for Steve too, Steve is much to serious and Farin reminds him to have fun too. This is a great read and I am glad I got a chance to read it.

                                 Five Shooting Stars

You Can See Me by A.E. Via

Title: You Can See Me
Author: A.E. Via
Publisher: All Romance Ebooks
Genre and Pairing: MMM, Contemporary
Pages: 326
Reviewer Name: Redz
Publisher Buy Link https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-youcanseeme-2066914-340.html

Publisher Blurb
It takes more than perseverance to recover from tragedy...you also need love.

Following a horrific accident that leaves him blind, renowned chef Prescott Vaughan loses his fiancĂ© and all hope for his career. Recovery and confidence in his skills come slowly, along with feelings he hasn’t experienced in a long time when he meets his new neighbor, Dr. Rickson Edwards.

Unlike Prescott, Ric is open about his attraction to men yet has issues that complicate their relationship. A brief separation threatens his hopes for an eventual reunion when Prescott befriends the handsome aspiring chef Blair McKenzie, who wants more than cooking advice.

Ric doubts Pres can let go of the charming southerner, but after an encounter with the sinfully sexy man, he can't help his attraction as well. Pres feels he must choose but realizes…does he have to?

You Can See Me by A.E. Via is a very complicated story with many layers to it. Mostly it is about Prescott and his journey. Pres is blind. He used to be a famous chef, he had money, a fiance, everything he could want. Then he gets side swiped and loses his site. He has to build himself back up after that. No one really wants to stay with him. They cannot take the challenges of being with someone blind. Now Pres is a famous food critique. He is paid big money for what he does and he loves it. He can also cook blind and still make tasty food. The only thing missing his life is a man or woman to share it with.
Rickson is a doctor at the local hospital. He was more or less thrown out of the last hospital he was in for being gay. He keeps that part of himself under wraps now. When his sexy neighbor starts to become more Ric is not sure he can handle it. Ric is a dominating personality. He likes control. But Pres likes control too. So they sometimes clash.
Blair he comes into the picture when Ric and Pres are not together. Pres gets lonely and asks for an escort and Blair answers the call. Blair is sweet, soft spoken, gentle. Perfect for Pres. But when Ric wants Pres back is Blair going to be part of that package.
I loved the chemistry between Ric and Pres their story is extremely well done. Blair however not so much. He is there, but he gets the short end of the stick a lot and is not as developed as a character to make me want him around for more. If that was different I would really super love this story but as it is still a great read. Good character connections and plenty of story to keep you turning the pages. Blair just needs a little more development for me to be completely in love with this story. 

                             Four Twinkling Stars

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lassoed by the Dom b y Desiree Holt

Title: Lassoed by a Dom
Series: Rawhide, 7
Author: Desiree Holt
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Genre and Pairing: Contemporary and M/F
Page Count: 95 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
Publisher Buy Link:

Publisher Blurb
Just for an instant their gazes connect, then he’s gone. Barrel racer Trish Barton wants to find that mysterious man in black who, in brief seconds, pushed all her buttons. A born submissive, she sees herself on her knees before him, bound by the lasso he'd held in his hand.

Jake Keenan will never forget that one brief glimpse of the woman who set him on fire, a woman he’d give anything to master. How could she have taken root in his dreams after that one brief glimpse?

Then Fate throws them together and gives them the opportunity to fully explore the Dom/sub connection they crave. But Trish isn’t yet ready to give up the rodeo circuit, much to Jake’s dismay. How can he convince her she can have both her career and a relationship with him?

A heated glance across a crowded room…and then nothing. But the intensity of that look is felt long after that day even as Trish does not know the name of the man who caught her eye. That is until she shows up to compete in Oklahoma and well-meaning friends help a single girl get Lassoed by a Dom. This is the latest in Desiree Holt’s Rawhide series and boy howdy was it a good one.
Jake is ready to settle down and being able to put a name to the face of the woman who caught his eye long ago reiterates his desires. Only problem, Trish is by no means ready for the same. However is Ms. Holt going to resolve this seemingly insurmountable issue? With lots and lots of passion!
I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Trish and Jake fit. They had similar taste and sexual needs that dovetailed nicely. Ms. Holt may have given them a big wrinkle but you believed from the get go they would figure out a way to make it work. They built a friendship upon commonalities even as their chemistry burned off the charts.
I thought this was a wonderful short read. The story Ms. Holt put together was well written and believable. I loved seeing the journey Jake and Trish took in order to find their happily ever after.

                            Five Shooting Stars

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Eternal Passion by India Masters

Title: Eternal Passion
Series: Across the Stars,2
Author: India Masters
Publisher: Beyond the Page Publishing
Genre and Pairing: MF, scifi futuristic, romance
Pages: 126
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
Fans of Morgan Hawke’s futuristic erotic romance will love the second book in the Across the Stars series by India Masters!
A fun, exciting, touching, and erotic story!” —Goodreads
Ilara Depherra grew up on the streets of Toru City, the victim of a corrupt child welfare system that did little to protect the children in its care. Now tending to the children of the dark city herself, Ilara teaches them the skills they’ll need to survive and hides them from the vile men who would enslave them. But when she’s targeted by a crooked official who will stop at nothing to control her, she’ll need the protection of a man who stirs her heart like no one has before.
Kei Rewu is an arena gladiator of intergalactic renown, but he’s been burned by unfaithful lovers too many times and has sworn off relationships for good. When Ilara turns to him for help and ignites a passion he’d all but given up on, he’s forced to confront his fear and betray the system that has made him a star. Surrendering to the undeniable sensual attraction that sears them both, Kei and Illara will have to risk everything they hold dear to find a love that will save them both.
This is a fully revised edition of a book originally published as The Gladiator and the Thief.

This is the second book in the Across the Stars series by India Masters. Eternal Passion has the story of Illara a street urchin, and her gladiator Kei. I cannot tell you if this should be read in order, I have not read book one. I did however enjoy this story a lot.
Llara is a strong person. She has survived in the streets by her wits all of her life. She also helps other street kids get food and find a safe place to stay. She has a huge heart, along with a ton of guts. I really love a spunky female character and she is one.
Kei is a famous gladiator. He is well paid for what he does. He is fair minded, and a little bit of a bad boy in there too. I liked how his protective nature helps Llara. He is a real alpha type of hero. Which I love.
Over all this story has heat, passion, and adventure. I would love to read more about this universe so I hope there are many more stories to come. 

                                   Five Shooting Stars

Until Harry by L.A. Casey

Title: Until Harry
Author: L.A. Casey
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Genre and Pairing: MF, Contemporary
Pages: 319
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
He was my best friend, my best not-really-big-brother, and my best protector.

He was my best everything.

He was mine.

Coming home is hard for Lane. Hard because Harry, her beloved uncle, has died suddenly, but also because of
him. Kale.

Kale Hunt has been her best friend since childhood. But it was never that simple. He was Lane’s reason for leaving home and moving to New York. Seeing him with someone else, in love with someone else, shouldn’t have hurt. But it did. It really, really did. So she upped sticks and left, started a new life and cut herself off from her past.

But now she’s back, and all the feelings are right there. As if she had never left.

Emotions are running high for everyone, and tragedy has a funny way of bringing people together. But is Lane reading the signs right? Are they still just friends, or is there something more?

Until Harry by L.A. Casey has the story of Lane and Kale. Lane has always loved Kale Hunt. He has been her best friend, her confident, her everything. But when he falls for her best friend. Lane makes the most difficult choice of her life. She leaves all she knows and remakes her self. She would have be semi content with never seeing Kale again but her uncle's death brings her back home. Now she has to face all she left, and the aftermath of it all. She is a smart, spunky lady, but risking her heart is the hardest challenge of all.
Kale he has never forgotten Lane. Nothing is right without her. He is a strong man, willing to let Lane have a life without him, till he sees her again. Now all bets are off, he has to convince her he loves her and she has to stay.
I loved the arc of Lane's story. Comes full circle in this story. She is strong, sweet, and in some ways she is just not ready to risk her heart. She is very sensitive and thoughtful. I like a well rounded character and Lane is that. She really gives up all for love. Kale is a sexy character too. Very strong and very intense. I loved the angst in this book as well. Over all a great story with unforgettable characters. 

                               Five Shooting Stars