Monday, May 22, 2017

Silver Foxes by Grant C. Holland

Title: Silver Foxes
Author: Grant C. Holland
Publisher: Self Published
Genre and Pairing: MM, second chance romance
Page Count: 167
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
Thirty years ago Byron Finch believed his best chance at love was stolen by another man. As the years unfolded, he realized that Gage Barlow found true love instead. Byron's life unfolded successfully by almost anyone's standards. He was the successful owner and designer of BF, a top level fashion design firm, and he lived in a stunning condominium overlooking the city of San Francisco. He had everything but a man at his side.

Gage's life was much more modest, but he was happy and fulfilled until tragedy struck just one year ago. His husband Ross fell victim to cancer leaving Gage grief-stricken and alone with the couple's rescue dog Durango. When his thirty-year college class reunion arrived, he knew that Ross would want him to attend.

Decades have passed, but the attraction is still strong when Byron and Gage cross each other's paths again at Wilson Ridge State College. Can love strike twice for Gage, and can Byron be given a second chance?

Silver Foxes is a stand-alone second chance, friends to lovers gay romance novel with steamy scenes, no cliffhangers, and a happily ever after ending.

Silver Foxes by Grant C. Holland is a sweet second chance romance that I could not put down. I loved these characters. They are meant to be together and the emotion in this story kept me turning the pages to find out what would happen next.
Byron he had a best friend in college. He knew he was off limits but he loved music and getting together with him. When he starts to feel more than friendship for Gage his best friend, well Gage tells him he can no longer see him. Gage found his Mr. Forever.
Byron is broken hearted. But he leaves his best friend alone. He starts over, and finds himself in the process. Now he is a big fashion designer, running an empire. But still is very lonely.
A college reunion invite changes everything.
Gage, his partner Ross has died. He has been a teacher for about 25 years now. He misses Ross terribly. When he sees his old friend Byron he knows he has found his second chance. He just has to get over the guilt that he has some how left Ross behind by having a new love.
I really adored best friends reuniting and becoming lovers. I like how each character has grown from the moment we met them at the beginning to the end of the book when they are much older and wiser. When you want a sweet second chance romance I suggest this one. It is a sweet romance that made me smile. 

                     Five Shooting Stars

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Alien Salvation by Tracy St. John

Title: Alien Salvation
Series: Clans of Kalquor, 4
Author: Tracy St. John
Publisher: Totally Bound
Page Count: 240
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
Lindsey is an Earth survivor who could complete Kalquor’s Clan Bacoj ... or destroy it.

Lindsey McInness and her parents are barely surviving on post-Armageddon Earth. When a Kalquorian shuttle crashes nearby, Lindsey has no choice but to offer herself to the clan on board in exchange for food and rescue.

Bacoj, Japohn and Vax are stunned when a young woman presents herself to them for their sexual pleasure. Kalquorians of their youth and low rank have no expectation of finding the elusive Earther mates Kalquorians covet so highly. But the strong willed and yet yielding Lindsey seems to be a perfect fit for them … until they learn her secret that threatens to tear the entire clan apart.

Reader Advisory: This book contains BDSM situations including bondage, D/s, spankings, and multiple partners.

Publisher's Note: This book has previously been released elsewhere. It has been revised and re-editied for re-release with Totally Bound Publishing.

Alien Salvation is the fourth book in the Clans of Kalquor series by author Tracy St. John. I have not read the other books in this series. I did find myself slightly lost but was able to get what was going on, and found myself in love with the characters.
Earth is nearly been destroyed. The race is dying due to a virus that has wiped out futile women. The Kaquor now rule Earth.
Lindsey survived the Armageddon that struck. Her and her family are strong. But still poor and in need of help. They are starving. Lindsey is willing to make a deal to save them.
I liked Lindsey. She is smart, tough, strong, and most of all has a caring heart. I liked that she is not the type of girl to just roll over and take it. She will fight back. I liked her spirit and drive. This will get her very far in this book.
Here are our list of the alien men in this book.
Japohn is the protector of the bunch.
Japohn and Nobeks were clan defends at one time. They take that position very seriously especially Japohn.
Bacoj is the clan leader.
Vax is the care giver.
Everyone in the clan has a job. It is important to know who they are and what they do inside the clan. It can get a little complicated, but it does work in this book.
I felt there was a ton going on. I loved the chemistry and the separate personalities of everyone. I felt the bdsm only added another layer to this book that made it work even better. I would like to go back and read the books I missed. I would also love to read more in this world and find out who falls in love next and where do we go from here. 
                               Five Shooting Stars

Redemption by Shannon West

Title: Redemption
Series: Guardians of the Five Rubies, 3
Author: Shannon West
Publisher: Painted Hearts
Genre and Pairing: M/M, Paranormal
Page Count: 122
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
Davv’id has finally begun to redeem himself in the eyes of his brothers after killing Amariska and ending her evil reign, and he’s prepared for his life to return to something approaching normal again. He wants his brother Alek to finally forgive him, and he needs to take his rightful place in the family hierarchy beside Kaden. He’s ready to do all these things when he learns of a young human, once enslaved and enthralled by Amariska, who prefers to commit suicide rather than be rehabilitated. Davv’id goes to see him and is amazed when the beautiful young man drops to his knees in front of him and calls him his Master.

If that weren’t bad enough, Davv’id realizes once he touches the boy that he is somehow his one, true mate. He has to save him, but what Davv’id doesn’t know is that Theo is actually a missing rock star with an even deeper secret, one that will rock the vampires’ world to its foundations and make Davv’id question everything he thought he knew about himself.

As secrets are revealed, Davv’id has to overcome Theo’s feelings of mistrust, and just when happiness is in his grasp, Theo is taken again by an old enemy who wants to destroy everything that Davv’id holds dear. Davv’id’s only choice is to turn his back on his brothers and betray them in the worst possible way in order to save the man he loves.

Redemption is the third book in the Guardians of the Five Rubies series, this one is written by Shannon West. I was in love with this book.
Theo: he has been through so very much. A thrall to Amariska. Addicted to vampire blood. He is a beautiful man they are trying to save. So far non of the treatments work on him. Theo just wants out. He is tired of being caged, and experimented on. He doesn't really comprehend that they are trying to help cure him. He has terrible night terrors. He also has two more suprises to come up his sleeve.
Davv'id started helping GLBT youth. He does the paper work mostly. He doesn't like to be called Sire. He is a hard worker. He has a twin brother we have met before. His last lover had made him a sick and twisted person. He is trying very hard to make up for that now.
Theo poses a huge problem for him, one he cannot deny the man anything. Even his blood. And two well Theo is more than meets the eye. This will test Davv'id in ways he never thought possible.
Over all loved this story. Action packed, and ties up a lot of lose ends in this series really nicely. I think anyone who follows this series is going to love this book. I highly recommend it. 
                          Five Shooting Stars

Crossing Jordan by Shannon West

Title: Crossing Jordan
Author: Shannon West
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre and Pairing: M/M, Contemporary
Page Count: 177
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
A complicated web of lies threatens Jace's life and he must fight his way to happiness through a maze of romance, murder and intrigue.

Jace O'Neal is slowly rebuilding his life after a disastrous romance with an actor named Dylan Malone in NYC sends him back to Atlanta in disgrace. Living with his mother and his brother, a fourteen-year-old with Fragile X syndrome, one of the known causes of autism, Jace is pursued by Malone, who finally persuades him into another relationship. Then Dylan goes missing and the evidence left at the scene points to Jace's involvement.

The detective on the case, Will Jordan, is drawn to Jace right away, and learns that Jace's former lover was manipulative and cruel. Will fights his attraction to Jace as he seeks the truth of what happened to Malone. As more clues emerge and point to Jace, Jordan begins to believe Jace is in danger. A complicated web of lies threatens Jace's life and he must fight his way to happiness through a maze of romance, murder and intrigue.

Crossing Jordan by author Shannon West is a departure from the paranormal stories I have been reading from her. I found this contemporary to be well thought out, and I connected with the characters, I wanted them happy and together. I really enjoyed this read.
Jace has an over bearing boss. Constantly does homophobic remarks and makes his work life hell. Jace knows he has to keep this job. He is supporting his mom and brother. His brother has fragile X syndrome. I could really relate to Jace and sympathize with him. He is a good person who is subjected to crummy circumstances. He has really given up everything to help his family out.
Detective Jordan when Jace's ex turns up missing the police are brought in. Jordan has conflicting feelings. He is falling for Jace, but has to remain objective about weather or not Jace did something nefarious to his former partner. Jordan is bisexual. Very protective of those he cares about. Really good person and good at his job.
Over all this is a well rounded mystery type story. I would love to see more stories like this from Ms. West. When you want a story that keeps you guessing as to who dun it, I would suggest picking this one up. It is a great read with characters that are well rounded and memorable. 

                       Five Shooting Stars

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Stardust Award: Wed the Omega by Ashe Moon

Title: Wed the Omega
Series: Luna Brothers, 1
Author: Ashe Moon
Publisher: Ashe Moon
Genre and Pairing: M/M Paranormal
Page Count: 285
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
For Tresten Croc, a headstrong omega enrolled in the alpha dominated Fighting Arts School, an arranged marriage is about the worst thing that could ever happen to him—especially when his husband-to-be is none other than his rival classmate, the jockish playboy alpha, Loch Luna.

Their families need this alliance in order to retain their place as clan leaders, so the two young fighters reluctantly agree to be wed. There’s absolutely no way they’d ever
actually fall in love… so what will Tresten and Loch do when they learn they need to produce an heir?

Wed to the Omega is a 50k word, steamy MPreg story full of action and romance, set in an exciting and vibrant new shifter world. It is the first book in the Luna Brothers Series, and can be read as a standalone novel.

Wed the Omega by Ashe Moon is the first book in the Luna Brothers series. I really loved this book. I love strong characters. I especially love unexpected strong characters that make me cheer for them. Tresten is just that kind of character for me.
Tresten goes to Dawn Academy. He is an Omega. He wants to graduate in the fighting arts, an Alpha dominated field. He is confident, witty, and strong. He can speed shift. He wants to prove an Omega is just as good if not better than any Alpha out there.
Loch is an Alpha. He doesn't like bullies. Loves to flirt with the ladies. Is strong, arrogant, and nice at the same time. He knows one day he will lead his pack. But for now he can play and get stronger.
When their dads make them have a marriage of power. Joining their packs and making both packs stronger, these two have to learn to be a team. To make matters worse Tresten is in heat.
Loch is strong, unfocused, with a ton of energy. Can he slow down and see Tresten has more than just his body to offer him.
I liked how these two characters blended together to make the perfect team. They are what the other needs, they just have to stop fighting and see it.
When you want a werewolf MM story with action, adventure and a ton of love this is the story to pick up. I cannot wait for more from this series!! 

                      Five Shooting Stars and Stardust Award


The Biker's Omega by Lisa Oliver

Title: The Biker's Omega
Series: Alpha and Omega, 1
Author: Lisa Oliver
Publisher: Lisa Oliver
Genre and Pairing: M/M Paranormal, Bikers
Page Count: 143
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
Marly Miles has been happy in his life as a lone Omega wolf, living and working among the humans of Orlando, Florida. When an attack on him and his friend brings Marly to the notice of the Sergeant of Arms of the Epitaph's Motorcycle Club, he realizes immediately that the man carries the same scent as his attackers. Not a very good start when the same man is also his mate.

Alpha wolf, Trent Beaumont has spent a lot of years living as a human when he walked away from his home pack. Forced to live as a straight man, because of the Epitaph's club culture, he walks away from Marly after checking the man is safe. But no wolf, not even an Alpha, can refuse the mating call from the Fates. But with his club President looking over his shoulder, and a woman panting after him to share his bed, Trent isn't sure it will ever be the right time to claim his own Omega.

Fights, misunderstandings and a lack of communication aren't the only problems Trent and Marly face. Trent has a history that has clouded his judgment and when Marly gets attacked again, Trent realizes he could lose his mate permanently, if he doesn't get his head out of the sand.

Warning: Contains one hot biker, a beautiful twink with a sassy mouth, and a ton of misunderstandings. Graphic m/m sex, violence and strong language.

The Biker's Omega by Lisa Oliver is the first book in the Alpha and Omega series. I really think this is a solid start to a MC Biker/ werewolf series. Good solid characters, and a story that kept me turning the pages. I also would love to know where do we go from here. What is next for the entire Biker gang.
Trent is the Sergeant of Arms in charge of weapons and safety of the Epitaph biker gang. He is also a lone wolf with no pack. The gang has become his family, his anchor, and pack. Only a few problems one being he is gay and the gang is homophobic. Another being he is a werewolf and has not told his very human gang this little fact about himself.
Trent is very loyal. He loves his gang. He knows their flaws and loves them despite that. I liked that when he gives his loyalty he is very much all in. He is the guy you want as your best friend or mate.
Marly is the victim of the Epitaph gang's hatred of gays. He is a lone Omega. He knows to keep his mouth shut. He doesn't want to be a pawn ever. He wants to keep his nose clean and live his life his own way. When he meets Trent. His whole life is turned upside down. He has to have a ton of patience with a mate who doesn't understand how to be a mate. I liked that he is kind, sweet, and very patient. He also knows when to put his foot down and say enough. He is not an Alpha's doormat. He is fierce in both love and play.
I really liked this start to what promises to be a great new series. I would love to see where do we go from here? I know of a certain leader I hope gets his story next!! Please!!! He so needs it. Well I know I need to read it. When you want a story that has bikers, wolves, and lots of man love this is the story to pick up. 

                   Five Shooting Stars

Savage by Kelex

Title: Savage
Series: Project Zed, 2
Author: Kelex
Publisher: Twisted E Publishing
Genre and Pairing: M/M Paranormal
Page Count: 186
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb
Six years of working for Project Zed showed MSgt Cutler Morrison all he thought he needed to know about the shifter world. He’d pledged his life to fight back the evil savagery of the wild creatures threatening to kill all humankind… until he realized that the heroes he was fighting with weren’t much in the way of heroes and the ones they were fighting against didn’t seem so hellbent on world domination, after all. Disillusioned, a fateful plane crash brought him down in the middle of shifter territory, and there he saw another side to the beasts he thought were evil.

On Cutler’s first mission with the shifters, they take down one of the weaponized creatures the project imprisoned and bring him to safety. He’s always had an odd connection to Subject Z-620. Cutler’s like a moth to the monster’s flame.

As more secrets about Project Zed come to light, they both have to come to terms with who they were, what they’ve done, and where the road leads…

Savage by Kelex is the second book in the Project Zed series. This series has to be read in order. There is tons we learn about the characters from the first book that flows over into this book, and new material added. Tons of stuff, though Kelex made it pretty easy to follow. The first pages of this book we get little reminders of what you might have missed and who's who that type of thing. Still it is far better if you have actually read the first book.
This story has a ton going for it. I am going to stick to the main love story for this review. However there is tons going on besides what I will mention.
Cutler is a staff sergeant. He gets to see how the paranormals are being experimented on, and caged up. It makes him sick. He really wants to help free them. He is told the shifters are dangerous but he feels deep down they are misunderstood and need to be free.
He begins to work on freeing those captive and stopping project Zed. He took many risks to his own life to help. Cutler is caring, smart, and crafty. I liked him a lot. At first he is kinda stuffy but once we really get to know him, he is a man you want on your side in a fight. He would be your best friend till the end.
Z-620 or Cyprian he had been captured, controlled, and caged. He wants revenge. He has been tested on, given pain, did I mention caged. Well with all that, he is still a fighter. He is strong. His psychological scars are there but he tries very hard not to let them control him. I really admired this character he has come very far in a short period of time, and he has come out the other side okay.
Over all this is a great second addition to this already amazing series. There is a ton politically and emotionally going on. I feel all of those who escaped are now ready to band together and fight, they are laying a great foundation for that.
Warning: there is graphic violence in this book. I found it added to the emotional connection I had to this story. Brutal as it is, it made these men the men they are today.
When you want action, adventure, and lots of emotional angst this is the book to pick up. 

                       Five Shooting Stars